Basic Skill for Web Designer

Basic Skill for Web Designer

Website represents the easiest media and quickly in publicizing organization, personal and company. This media become very favourite now because swiftly will become good for and or oppositely. Website help to company image building but on developing phase must careful in determining design and web contents.

In development phase required some knowledge and standard skill so that website boost up the company image. This article base for beginner to start to develop and build the website and start to enter the new dimension which can improve skilled and your earnings.

To start, you have to know and master some knowledge/software hereunder:

1.Web site Planning

First step to planning web pages, started by collecting information, and the result is a “sitemap”. Then design the page layout on first page and second page. In this step you must learn about some component like navigation, content, image plan, copyright (footer), and etc. Software which commonly use: Microsoft Visio and I always use the Conceptdraw Webwave (

2.Web Page Design

The second step we continue to design the planning with special software, you must learn about typografi (chosen the best font), arrange the page layout ( mastering divide the page), color ( mastering color concept and color mixing theory). We always use Adobe Photoshop, a lot of free tutorial which you can find in internet by keyword ” photoshop tutorial for web”. To your exercise we have provided a web namely ““, you can download download and have modification the website which you wish.

3.Authoring Web Software

Then we need authoring web software like Adobe Dreamweaver to make a html page. Besides Dreamweaver, some designer used Microsoft Frontpage. Like also Photoshop to learn the Dreamweaver, we can search free tutorial on internet. Or you can buy some books for Dreamweaver or Frontpage on bookstore.

4.Make Interactivity

Without interactivity, a Website is purely a book online. Interactive sites capture user details online and monitor what users do inside the system. The more visitors can interact and ‘do things’ on the site, the more likely they are to revisit. To make this you can learn about web programming like php and asp.

5.Make Video, Flash, Shockwave and Audio

We always develop video, flash, shocwave and audio with a Adobe Flash. This is make the website looked more nice and powerful.

These are the basic skill must know to be great web designer and to become the expert needed by a practice and get the real project in develop a website. Have a nice experiment in website design.

Source by Eko Purwanto

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