Photomatix Presets

Photomatix Presets

I just discovered that there is the option of creating your own Photomatix presets. I realized not long after starting to use Photomatix Pro that it came with several installed presets, but didn’t figure out initially that you could configure your own or install presets created by others. Yet another feature that earns this software its due praises.

Let’s say you do the research online and find Photomatix presets created and made available for download. To install these presets on a Mac, download and then simply place them in: Users/Library/Application support/Photomatix/Presets. For a Windows install, paste them into the following root and unzip. C:Program FilesPhotomatixPro4Presets.

As one example of what can be found online, here is a really amazing free download of presets found on DeviantArt, (a massive online artist community). DeviantArt member and artist Stuart Perry has created numerous Photomatix presets and offers them to any enthusiast to use and enjoy. I have checked them all out, and have a good number of favorites that have enabled me to produce some stunning HDR images so far. Of course, there is the option to apply a preset that comes close to what I am envisioning, then I can manipulate the sliders as I see fit until I dial in my preferred end result. Often there are final tweaks I will want to make in Photoshop afterward that I won’t be able to achieve in Photomatix. Photomatix is awesome for the default starting point, and these presets can provide a wonderful array of choices with which to start.

Much like creating a brush in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can always create your own presets in Photomatix Pro. First, adjust your tone mapping settings exactly how you want them, as your own personal initial “go-to” setting. Then, simply click on the presets dropdown menu and choose “Save Settings”. Finally, you are able to give your preset a name, and decide where you want to save it if not in the default preset folder.

This is all written under the assumption that you are familiar with and use Photomatix Pro. If not, this program is amazing, and worth the time to sample it for free. I believe you will agree, if HDR imaging is the reason you’re reading this, that the program is also worth the price. First things first, though; check out the HDRsoft website to download the free trial version. If you decide to do so, I should let you know that any images processed with the demo will embed a watermark in all saved images. The watermark can be removed from the same images once you decide to purchase a license key.

If you are already a Photomatix user, then you’re informed by now of the program’s value. I encourage you to check out and enjoy the Photomatix presets, and/or create your own.

Source by Nick Towne

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